About Essentially Noir

logo Essentially Noir started as a custom embroidery and screen-printing company.  As we grew personally, we saw a need to add everyday fashion for the everyday woman to our services.  We saw a need for fashion that was not just clubwear meant for super curvy women.  We wanted to create something that met the needs of every body type and works for every setting from home to work to date night. 

We understand that sometimes you just want to chill in comfy yet cute loungewear and at other times you want to be chic and slay.  We know representing yourself through fashion is so empowering, so we are here to meet all your needs at an affordable price.  
 When I created Essentially Noir, I wanted to create a   brand that met the needs of women like me.  When I   see pictures on social media, in magazines, and on   television it is rarely someone that looks like me.  I do   not see women who are less curvy.  I do not see   women who have stretch marks from carrying their     beautiful babies.  I do not see fupas that I have grown to embrace.  I do not see fashion for women who love simple, comfy, and cute essential items.  Essentially Noir is for the women who may not have societies standard of a perfect body but are just as beautiful.  We are for the women that love simple loungewear but will slay for a night out.  We are for the real around the way girl who is perfectly imperfect and loving it.