How to Wear a Crop Top: Top Styling Tips for Wearing it

A Crop top is an article of clothing that exposes the belly button or midriff. Crop tops can be tank tops, strapless or long-sleeves, and they can be flowy or tight that work with various outfits and pair well with midi skirts or high-waisted jeans. 

Most clothing stores sell crop tops, or you can make a crop top by cutting off the bottom of a t-shirt to the desired length. One can also get business casual outfits for women and add a unique look to their personality. 

Here we have explained some of the best ways to wear a Crop top.

You can wear crop top outfits for a date night, on the beach in warmer weather, or to a day party for a more fashion-forward look. Consider the following crop top fashion trends:

1: You can start wearing simple jeans and a white crop top. However, a white crop top will go with almost anything, and high-rise jeans make for a natural pairing. And a classic way to ease into crop-top wearing- For summer outfits, you can try pairing the crop top with denim shorts. 

2: Pair with a maxi skirt, the long, flowy fabric of a maxi skirt will add to the shortness of a crop top, and these two pieces allow you to play with both color and patterns. 

best ways to wear a Crop top

If your maxi skirt is colorful, you may opt for a plain black crop top. And in hot weather, you can pair a mini skirt with a cropped tank top. 

3: Sport Cardigan crop top, cardigans can be cut at the navel to create a casual crop top with buttons and a slightly more formal twist. 

4: Layer with a blazer. Blazers are a part of semi-formal attire, but you can also make a smart casual outfit by combining a short-sleeved crop top with a blazer. This works best with a matching blazer and high-waisted pants set, and a crop top with a different pattern to pop. 

5: However, styling crop tops for formal events can be great, so why not go in for  a classy-celeb-inspired look? We all have one role model that we look up to for some great style inspiration. Thus, you can bring out that celebrity in you by trying out some fresh style edits like your favourite fashion influencer. 

6: One can style a black crop top with prints on the top and bottom combo. So, you can choose from a wide variety of options like jackets and jeggings combo, a coat and trousers combo, etc. Thus, you can team it up with a pair of heels, and you are ready to rock. Apart from this, there are some casual work outfits women that one can wear. 

7: You can style your favourite crop top with a midi skirt and a pair of heels. Also, you can add a choker and sunglasses for a classy look. Pair a crop top with a pair of palazzo pants and tie your hair into a side bun, and can add some dainty jewellery. Besides, wearing a sling bag completes your entire look. 

8: Crop tops workout sessions can be a great option, and you surely noticed your favourite celebs flaunting their crop top gym looks. Crop tops are easy to style and can be paired with joggers or sports shorts, and it provides a comfortable and stylish fit.

best ways to wear a Crop top

9: You can style a comfy crop top with a pair of jeggings and sneakers for a sporty look. One can also add a headband for the ultimate gym-ready look.  Secondly, you can style a crop top with a pair of stylish printed jeggings and funky sneakers and add glares for a complete celebrity look. 

10: Go for a bright look by pairing a dark color crop top with a pair of shorts. In this way, you can look edgy by adding a cool pair of sneakers. 

11: One can use denim or plaid shirts and tie them up as a crop top, and it works like a charm. The list is only the tip of the iceberg, and there is so much more you can do depending on your style, taste, and occasion. Also, you never get bored of styling your crop top, and do you know there are some other ways to wear a crop top? 

12: Play peek with suspenders- be it full length or half. Gone are the days when the suspenders were worn as regular T-shirts, and now it's all about crop tops. Get trending casual womens outfits at best-selling prices and see the difference in your personality.

trending casual womens outfits

It is an attractive style. Those who love this style are not ok with the idea of revealing too much skin. It can be just as simple as pairing your suspenders with a plain black or white crop top with an off-shoulder style. 

We have compiled some of the best Styling Tips for Crop Tops.

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Mimic the looks of street style stars and follow these tips for a successful crop top outfit:

1: You can make a faux crop top with a button-down and if you don't want to cut up any of your t-shirts, then create a crop top with a button-down shirt by pulling it at the sides and then try it in a gentle knot over your stomach to expose the belly button. 

2: Experiment with length; whether you are trim or curvy, crop tops work with all body types, and if you don't find a shirt length that you like, then you easily turn a cardigan, tee, v-neck, or another shirt into a crop top with just a pair of scissors and some imagination. 

3: Minimise skin exposure; if you don't want to show as much skin or give your outfit a retro or rustic look, you should try wearing a crop top under overalls or high-waisted trousers.  

4: You can try out edges or ruffles, and the crop tops can have fun designs. Ruffled shoulders or sleeves can be a part of your crop top outfit, or you can create some frayed edges at the bottom of your top by snipping a half-inch all around your shirt. 

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